Pedernales Station, in the heart of Austin at Pedernales and 5th Street, offers a striking alternative to traditional presentation settings, and is also the home of Monks (a live music venue and recording studio voted “Best Virtual Listening Room” by Austin Chronicle readers in 2021).

Our rustic space features industrial beams (the space was previously a chain & rope factory), with signature red brick walls, garage door, house projection screen, portable video monitor, and rustic wooden accents, tables and chairs. Room layout is whatever you want it to be - there are no interior walls. The room is suitable for professional presentations/workshops as well as for business parties, birthday parties, meetups, and other gatherings. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art in-house audio/video recording capabilities.

If your event is on the larger side, you have the option to open the garage door and rent the parking lot as well for an indoor/outdoor event.
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