Pedernales Productions offers it's live-streaming services, fine tuned and honed at the home studio of Monks Jazz (over 325 & counting livestreams) for large events, fundraisers, concerts, film showing parties, or any other event needing high quality post-production content!

We also offer remote services, with full video, livestream, and audio aspects of your event or shoot covered. 



Blackmagic 6kPro Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Studio 4kPro Cinema Camera

(2x)Blackmagic 4k Cinema Camera

7 Canon Mirrorless APS-C Cameras (2 m6-mkii's, 4 m-200's, 1 m-50)

13 Canon Lenses, 8 various branded lenses for wide variety of shots

8 Ethernet-HDMI extenders, allowing up to 150ft range for wired cameras

8-Input Blackmagic ATEM Extreme ISO Camera Switcher (for ISO Recording and Livestream Productions)

2 Macbook Pros for Livestreaming/Content Playback/Multitracking

100" Projector Screen and Epson EX7240 Projector 


1 - 32 channel Allen & Heath QuPac Mixer (Live Sound & Multitrack Recording)

16channel D-Snake w/ 8 outputs (Floor Monitors/Headphones)

1 - 20 channel Zoom L-20 Mixer (Live Sound & Multitrack Recording)

100ft - 16channel XLR Snake w/ 4 Returns

4x Rode Podmics

6 Shure SM58s Vocal Mics, 6 MXL 770 Consensor Mics, Various Pencil Condenser & Dynamic Mics

5 QSC 8" Main/Monitor Powered Speakers and Stands

6 Senheiser HD280 Headphones for Recording Session Monitoring